Modern office center in the heart of the city

The office center “Imperial” is located in the center of Zhytomyr. Сharacteristic architectural style of modern six-storied office building complements to the historical ensemble of the city center.
Due to the original concept and combination of elegance and modern conveniences the building stands out from other buildings of this class. From the upper floors you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the city.
The last major reconstruction was completed in 2008.

Room height: 2.5 - 4.5 m

The total area of 10000 m2

Parking: 55 places

6 floors, 2 high-speed elevators

Heating system

The office centre is equipped with an independent gas boiling room. It is a horizontal double-pipe heating system fitted into the floor. Modern pipes and steel panel radiators with thermostatic valves are used in the office.

Vertical Infrastructure

The building of the center is equipped with two elevators produced by the company “OTIS”. Carrying capacity is 400 kg. Lifting speed is 1 m/s. Stairs are clad with ceramic tiles, with slits to avoid slipping. Metal rails of staircases,made of polished stainless steel, were designed for the office.

Indoor climate

Air condition system consists of 8 cooling machines produced by the company “Daikin”, that can cool or heat air in all office blocks. The system allows for separate temperature control in different rooms.


Inner office walls are decorated with decorative plaster or wallpaper, painted with special water-resistant paint. It is possible to replan some office blocks or create a large open space. Dividing walls between working rooms are made of plasterboards, and they are soundproof and insulated. Walls between office –are load-bearing.
Suspended decorative ceiling is made using “ARMSTRONG” business class system. Entrance doors are metal-plastic, unglazed or glazed.
The floor is covered with wear-resistant linoleum corresponding to business class category.

Power supply

Office center has its own transformer substation with standby infeed. It corresponds to II category of power supply reliability. Stand-by of vital systems of the building corresponds to I category (UPS and DG).

All office blocks have separate power panels with power meters.
Distribution system is constructed using the components produced by leading brands «Polo», «ABB» and «LEGRAN».
The rooms are equipped with “PHILIPS” grille lamps.


The building of the office center is equipped with fiber-optic cables of 4 providers to provide high-speed Internet connection. The computer and telephone networks are implemented according to the standards of category 5E.

Fire protection

The building of the office center is equipped with a fire safety system: fire water supply system, smoke exhaust ventilation system, fire alarm, warning system.


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